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Stone Veneer

Natural stone veneers made from blocks of slate, quartzite, sandstone, and marble. these inherits the stone's inherent resilience and is ideally suited for use as a covering for floors, walls, ceilings, or even furniture. It may be quickly and easily placed anywhere, inside or outside, because to its malleability and light weight.

For all kinds of construction, remodeling, or property renovations, it is the ideal material because it is simple to cut.

Discover our selection of goods that are ideal for your upcoming project.

Superflex, Transflex, Nanoflex, QuickStick 3D Stone Panel and QuickStick Stone Veneer


SuperFlex Stone Veneer

Transflex Stone Veneer

QuickStick 3D Stone Panel


1 MM Sheet

QuickStick Stone Veneer

3 MM Sheet

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